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Seminars about health

Seminars about health

A healthy lifestyle, and in particular nutritional (behaviour), is becoming increasingly important in medicine and healthcare. This seminar provides scientific knowledge about the role of nutrition and nutritional behaviour in our health. From different perspectives such as research, policy but also the daily doctor’s practice, we offer a deeper insight, in order to be more successful with lifestyle interventions.

Price € 275,00

Change of lifestyle in prevention and care
This seminar is intended for anyone who wants to gain the latest scientific insights and practical experience in the field of lifestyle interventions. The following topics are discussed, where there is room for questions and mutual interaction.
– Behavioural science: why is healthy eating so difficult?
– Lifestyle intervention in the doctor’s office
– The role of the health care insurer
– What is healthy eating?
– Health policy: treatment and prevention
– Practical experience: smarter approach
– Strategies to permanently stimulate new nutritional behaviour

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We provide seminars all over the world. The price we are asking for each seminar is to make sure you get the best experience and actually change your life, if it would have been free, you wouldnt probabely get all the experienced you would need out of the lifechanging seminars we give. We are experts in making sure you are living your most healthy life.

Target group
This seminar is suitable for professionals (HBO/WO level) who want to increase their knowledge about lifestyle interventions and want to have more knowledge about the underlying psychology and science of dedicated weight loss Are you working as a healthcare professional? For example, as a doctor, specialist, dietician, practice support, physiotherapist, lifestyle coach, health advisor or weight consultant? Then this course is suitable for you.

After this seminar you will have an in-depth insight into nutritional (behavioural) science and you will know how lifestyle interventions can be more successful. You can use this knowledge for example in your advice to clients or in shaping policy.

Course leader
The course leader for this programme is Beatrice J.Gaudet

J.Gaudet is professor and chair of the consumption and healthy lifestyle group at Wageningen University. Her group investigates the psychological and social determinants of healthy and unhealthy lifestyles. These insights are used in the design, implementation and evaluation of interventions aimed at stimulating a healthy lifestyle.”