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Seminars about health

A healthy lifestyle, and in particular nutritional (behaviour), is becoming increasingly important in medicine and healthcare. This seminar provides scientific knowledge about the role of nutrition and nutritional behaviour in our health. From different perspectives such as research, policy but also the daily doctor’s practice, we offer a deeper insight, in order to be more successful with lifestyle interventions.

Price € 275,00

Change of lifestyle in prevention and care
This seminar is intended for anyone who wants to gain the latest scientific insights and practical experience in the field of lifestyle interventions. The following topics are discussed, where there is room for questions and mutual interaction.
– Behavioural science: why is healthy eating so difficult?
– Lifestyle intervention in the doctor’s office
– The role of the health care insurer
– What is healthy eating?
– Health policy: treatment and prevention
– Practical experience: smarter approach
– Strategies to permanently stimulate new nutritional behaviour

Curious about the speakers and the complete program overview? View the flyer.

We provide seminars all over the world. The price we are asking for each seminar is to make sure you get the best experience and actually change your life, if it would have been free, you wouldnt probabely get all the experienced you would need out of the lifechanging seminars we give. We are experts in making sure you are living your most healthy life.

Target group
This seminar is suitable for professionals (HBO/WO level) who want to increase their knowledge about lifestyle interventions and want to have more knowledge about the underlying psychology and science of dedicated weight loss Are you working as a healthcare professional? For example, as a doctor, specialist, dietician, practice support, physiotherapist, lifestyle coach, health advisor or weight consultant? Then this course is suitable for you.

After this seminar you will have an in-depth insight into nutritional (behavioural) science and you will know how lifestyle interventions can be more successful. You can use this knowledge for example in your advice to clients or in shaping policy.

Course leader
The course leader for this programme is Beatrice J.Gaudet

J.Gaudet is professor and chair of the consumption and healthy lifestyle group at Wageningen University. Her group investigates the psychological and social determinants of healthy and unhealthy lifestyles. These insights are used in the design, implementation and evaluation of interventions aimed at stimulating a healthy lifestyle.”

Healthy holiday delicacies

Each holiday destination has its own culinary kitchen with typical delicacies that you MUST of course have tasted!

But what if you want to go home without additional holiday silos? Then of course you read this blog on the subject and you will take into account the following dishes depending on your holiday destination.

Everything marked with a (*) is a healthy choice to get slim without side effects and you can eat unlimited as part of your basic diet. Everything with (**) is fine if you pay attention to how often/how much you eat it.
**Tortilla Espanola (Spanish tortilla)
**Allioli (Aïoli)
Sweet: Churros

Spanish cuisine is a great way to eat that doesn’t affect your weight if you keep an eye on the portion sizes and treat sangria and churros as a bonus. Please note that a tapas meal includes many vegetables such as olives, mushrooms, tomatoes and aubergines. Spanish tortilla and gazpacho are two dishes to try if you don’t already know them.

Different types of bread such as pide (Turkish bread), simit, **yufka, lavas and **durum
*Corba (thin soup)
*Take a look
**Watermelon, figs and other fresh fruit
Sweet: baklava, künefe, lokum

In Turkey, bread is eaten with every meal. Also with the hot meal in combination with mezze. Mezze is the Turkish version of the Spanish tapas: several small snacks displayed on the table varying from vegetables, meat, cheese, etc. Take a lot of vegetables, stuffed grape leaves, dolma’s but of course stop before you are full. That way you avoid overeating. Don’t you want to eat bread with every meal? Then menemen is a good choice. Menemen is scrambled eggs with vegetables, a great choice for your breakfast or lunch. Fresh fruit is delicious in summer time, but too much is also in fresh fruit eating discouraged. 1 serving of fruit is 100-120 grams. Check the Facebook page Turkish Dietician of my colleague Gülsah Kayar for more tips in Turkey (texts also in Turkish).

United States
Hot Dog
Sweet: Pancakes, Key lime pie, s’mores, doughnuts
Root bear (=alcohol free)

You don’t have to go to the USA for healthy choices. Vegetables are expensive to buy and the country is known for its huge portion sizes. The best thing you can do during your holiday is to ask the small ones for an order and/or to eat one meal with the two of you. Drink water instead of the soft drinks (also far too large portions) or avoid the unlimited free re-fills. Breakfast with American pancakes is fine if you limit the use of the syrup. Sliders are ‘small’ hamburgers, an alternative for the ordinary citizen and the best choice if you’re not hungry.

Holiday without gaining weight


Maybe you’ve been away on holiday and you’ve come home with more pounds than you left. Or you are going on holiday and you want to come home this summer with only the souvenirs you bought.

I’m already happy when clients return home stable in weight. Here you can read the four most important advices I give people on holiday.

Regularity comes in different forms
Eat a (main) meal every 3-4 hours. Let go of the time you eat.
So if you have breakfast one day at 08.00, then you have lunch around 12.00. If you have breakfast on another day at 10.00, then lunch is at 14.00, and so on. A great alternative is weight loss pills. As long as there is a maximum of 4 hours between a meal.
So are you hungry? Then first ask yourself when you last had a main meal and adjust your choice accordingly. So avoid the temptation to choose that triple ice cream from the ice cream stall, but go find a restaurant for a (small) meal that fills better.

This way you already limit a lot of (unintentional) snoring behaviour!

Portion sizes
Watch the portions you take. Choose where you can for the small options rather than the large options.
This will prevent you from eating too much. And you avoid a bloated and nauseous feeling because you have (again) lost sight of the amount. That’s another reason why a small portion rather than a large one is a smart choice.
And if you like it very much? Then tomorrow is another day!

Moving on holiday
If you want to come back weight-neutral, or if you want to be fitter and more active anyway, then it’s wise to stay active during your holiday as well.
In an all-inclusive resort in the bright sun, this is more difficult than in an environment that invites more people to walk, cycle, etc. But if you start every day with something active, you can still float in the pool, lie in the sun or enjoy yourself on a terrace for the whole afternoon.
The combination of action and relaxation gives you the optimal feeling of satisfaction.

Choose OR-OF, not ONE.
Strolling through a sunny village, over the boulevard or over one of the many brocante markets you will be tempted by the atmosphere to taste the local delicacies. So cozy and delicious!
Can you resist the temptation to give in to everything?
So try to consciously choose which delicacy you choose as an extra today. Tomorrow there will be another day for something else that you want to treat yourself to.

So what are typical local eating habits and delicacies on holiday?

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