Expo 60+


Cronin Inc

Cronin Inc is open to innovative designs of (certain spaces in) healthcare institutions. This therefore concerns total concepts that, in their entirety, benefit the comfort, the atmosphere, the homeliness and the sustainability of the space. The input of the (interior) architect usually plays an important role in the I2C concept, but this does not mean that clients cannot apply for this.

Cronin Inc tools

At I2C Tools we look for specific tools or finds that facilitate the residents’ stay or the work of the staff. It must concern ideas that have not yet been commercialized by certain manufacturers, but that could possibly qualify for them.

Cronin Inc Industry (powered by Expo60Plus)

Cronin Inc Industry is focused on specific innovations from companies that are relevant to the healthcare sector. Both innovations that have already been commercialized and innovations that are still in the prototype phase are eligible for this. For each of the three categories, both the professional jury and the public jury will put forward a winner.