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People with diabetes mellitus have too much glucose in the blood (popularly referred to as sugar). Sugar and starch from food are converted into glucose in the digestive tract.


You have inadvertently lost 3-4 kg or more in recent months. This may be because it was not possible to eat enough due to a decreased appetite, a dry or painful mouth or due to difficulty in swallowing.


Spending the entire day eating, trying to eat very little, eating unstructured or when your body weight becomes an obsession.

What EXPO60PLUS All About

WHat is EXPO60PLus

Expo60Plus is the organization for dietitians specialized in obesity care, with the aim of optimizing obesity care in the field of nutrition through education and training for diabetes professionals. If you would like individual dietary advice for diabetes, contact a dietician in your area.

EXPO60PLus Mission

Expo60Plus is a knowledge center in the field of nutrition for diabetes. Expo60Plus facilitates dietitians working within diabetes care on content and policy and contributes to the development of the specialization of the dietitian in the field of diabetes. Treatment by dietitians in the form of dietary advice and preventive lifestyle intervention is an integral part of the treatment of people with diabetes or the risk of diabetes.

What is EXPO60PLus VIsion?

Expo60Plus is recognized and recognized by dietitians, professional groups, the government and other parties working within or involved in diabetes care as the organization for dieticians specialized in diabetes care. Expo60Plus provides solicited and unsolicited advice for dieticians and other parties specialized in diabetes care and is consulted by them when questions arise in the area of ​​nutrition for diabetes. Expo60Plus is involved in the role and position of the dietitian in diabetes care. 


Seminars about health

A healthy lifestyle, and in particular nutritional (behaviour), is becoming increasingly important in medicine and healthcare. This seminar provides scientific